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We take the time to understand the problems you are having with your vehicle

A successful service is all about asking the right questions to help identify the cause of the problem. This enables us to quote you as accurately as possible. We always endeavour to explain complex mechanical issues in simpler layman terms. You can feel confident and satisfied knowing that we’ll take the time to answer any questions you may have.

Manual Transmission Repairs & Maintenance

There are many misconceptions about manual gearboxes. Most common are issues relating to noise Misdiagnosis of the gearbox problem can be very costly. There can be several reasons for noise, the first of which is when pressing the clutch and the noise disappears it can be incorrectly diagnosed as being the thrust bearing, and in many cases it is assumed that a replacement clutch is required, when in fact it works the opposite way, when pressing the clutch it is then that the thrust bearing is engaged and in turn prevents the spinning of the gears & bearings. Professional diagnosis from 1 or 2 sources is wise.

The second most common gearbox problem is ‘crunching’ when selecting gears. This can be attributed to a couple of things. Firstly a worn clutch will cause the gears to continue spinning when clutch is applied not allowing the gears to stop spinning to allow the synchromesh and slider to align/engage gears and inhibiting a smooth change between gears. Continuing to drive with a worn clutch will inevitably cause wear of the synchros and gears, and possible breakage which can further increase the cost of repairs, as metal fragments can also damage gears and bearings.

Jumping out of gears

There can be many reasons for this occurring. Each make & model can be different when selecting & loading the gear it jumps out, this can be from worn dog teeth & slider/s (this wear is normally caused by crunching in gears). Several other causes may be as simple as a worn shifter bush, worn selector forks and sometimes shifter cables may require adjustment and in some cases the clips attaching the cables may have broken or just become detached. At Bavarian Gearbox we diagnose and check every possibility before carrying out any work, saving you unnecessary expense.

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